Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mime & the Queen

Royal Cat
While trolling the internet for cat news (as I frequently do), I came across this lovely little article from The SUN entitled "HUNGRY cat Mime snubs Chinese grub for posh nosh — by gatecrashing WINDSOR CASTLE for lunch".

Every day, the cheeky black and white moggy walks the 50 yards across the cobbled street from the restaurant where she lives.

She then strolls past armed cops and guardsmen to the Queen's apartments, where staff feed her along with the royal corgis.

Mime's owner, restaurant boss Kevin Lam, 69, said: "She won't eat any of our leftovers.

"She's been going for about four years.
"A courtier told me the corgis used to fight with her at first, but after lots of barking and some hissing they came to a sort of truce."

He added: "On the Queen's birthday the Army locked the Henry VIII gates but the security guys opened one to let Mime through.
"After she's fed she wanders back and goes to sleep in front of the fire."

A castle source said: "Mime's part of the furniture. Everyone looks forward to her visits." (The SUN)

I decided to re-post this not only because is this ADORBILE (look at her little crown!!!), but I felt it was an appropriate demonstration of yet another lovely lesson our cats teach us.

The separation of the wealthy and the poor, the powerful and the powerless; these are inventions of man, and are trivial to cats. The gates and walls we erect and the clubs and classes we create to divide us have no bearing on a creature that sees us all as equals. As Mime yearned for something more than Kung Pao chicken and egg rolls, we too yearn for things that are seemingly out of our reach, out of our class, out of our price range. We feel we are destined to eat what is put in front of us, and be grateful.

But to view the world through the eyes of a cat is to see no walls, no gates, no crowns, no dollars. Whatever we feel we deserve, we can achieve, no matter what lies in our way. We only have to try.

So dream big, kittens, and you can be a Mime: restaurant riff-raff, to castle-crashing cat.

Until next time, purr on.



  1. Awwww what a darling story. If only it could be so easy for us to just walk onto the grounds of Windsor Castle without getting shot.

  2. What a lucky cat, not to mention how adorable she looks with her crown on!

  3. I like what you did with this post. The contrast you drew between classes and the way that people interact with restrictions and barriers compared to cats was very well done. I'm very impressed. Well done.

  4. I never got free lunch when I went to Windsor Castle. I even gave them my puppy eyes (I don't think there's such a thing as kitty eyes) and they still wouldn't budge. Bloody redcoats.