Sunday, 11 March 2012

Avalanche Cats... you heard me

Hello kittens,

I'd like to take time to discuss something very near and dear to my heart.

Cats. (obviously)

And avalanches. (wtf?)

They are unpredictable, devastating, and claim over 150 lives a year worldwide. (avalanches, not cats!)

Just another day on the job
But if any of you are planning a ski trip to the back country of Fernie, British Columbia, you need not fear these snow waves  of destruction, for CARCA is ever vigilant and adorable.

What is CARCA, you ask?

Why, not only the world's first Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association!

Yes you heard right, cat's are now joining the hunt for buried avalanche victims, proving once again that anything dogs can do, cats can do better. (Kidding puppies I love you too.)

If you'd like to learn more about the amazing work these kitties do, check out the CARCA documentary, available on the site along with snazzy t-shirts.

You can also apply to have your cat become part of this growing group. To open a chapter in your area, check out the applications page on the CARCA site.

So, if you're heading into deep powder in avalanche country, I suggest filling your pockets with Fancy Feast.

Avalanche Danger: Moderate         Vigilance: High to Extreme
Just sayin'.

Till next time, purr on kittens.


***Thanks to Allison for telling me about these wicked cats!***


  1. This is such an amazing cause. Laurel, this post was a really great read. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm amazed by your passion for cats. Do you know anything about "totem"? Cats are my totem. I would like to know more about that.

  3. I really liked this post, I would have never heard about this if I hadn't read your blog, and I doubt many people would.

  4. "Have you heard? CATS HAVE SUPER POWERS!" They will be figuring this out very soon. Thanks for the update!

  5. So crazy! Cats really are amazing animals and I must say I kinda agree with "anything dogs can do cats can do better" did you know cats can make over 100 vocal sounds, while dogs can only make 10. I have also never had a more compassionate and loving pet, can't wait till I have my own house and can get my own kitten :)