Thursday, 12 April 2012

Adoption Profile: Achilles **ADOPTED!**

Hello kittens,

Yes yes, I know, it's been a while, but time flies when you're interning at the Niagara Falls Humane Society. Yes, that's right -  my co-workers are cats. I can feel your jealousy seeping through the screen. It really is the purrrrfect setup for a katzendame: my "office" is a couch in the Meow Mansion, where I sit with my laptop and the resident cats up for adoption. They rub and play and sleep around me, inhibiting my work and making my life that much sweeter than yours.

*Sigh* I sure will miss this place once my time here is up. It's not all Fancy Feast and belly rubs though. Spending every weekday with these cats naturally creates an immense bond between us, so seeing them go is tough, but clearly the objective of the shelter. They would all be happier in forever homes. Which is why I think it's time for another adoption profile. This week:

Achillies the Shy Guy

I feel compelled to write about Achilles because he has had a rough time in the last little while. He came from a loving home with an elderly man who passed away. He was adopted once, but because he was severely attacked by the resident cat of that house, he was brought back here. He's been recovering emotionally ever since. According to the other volunteers, Achilles used to be very outgoing, and didn't scare as easily as he does now. He's such a sweet sweet boy and we know that he has it in him to be trusting again. When everyone else is asleep, I see his head poking out of his little house. I motion for him to sneak over my way, and he comes and fluffs and dances around while I scratch his back lightly. He has such a sweet soft meow, barely existent. And his little pink lips tend to smile now and then -  I wish I saw it more. I know he craves attention, but is nervous when the other cats are around. His self esteem has been a bit deflated by everything that's gone on, but all he needs is a loving family to pump him up and make him feel special again.

If you'd like to come visit Achilles and me, come to the shelter at 6025 Chippawa Parkway in Niagara Falls. I'll give him a nice brushing and make sure he's ready for you.

Until next time, purr on kittens.


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